Lion OSX Users

Hi there Mac users!

We know the wait has been long, We can now tell you that we are going to update our Bonus Software & Games in 2014. We still need to sort out a few things before we can start updating the files. 

We will keep you posted about this.

Thanks in advanced for your patience.

Can you give an update?

 Hi Rachel,

Unfortunately things did not go as we planned with the bonus software for Mac users. We are still in the process of choosing the correct delivery format to avoid this situation with the newest versions of OSX. We know the wait has been too long, but We are hopefully fixing the software this year.

Remember that we can offer you a refund if you are not happy about this matter. Simply get in touch with us through the members area.

Thanks in advanced for your patience.

Are the bonus softwares solved yet to be working on MacOSX ???

Im a Mac user and Im not sure if they work correctly yet ?

Updates on Mac OSx