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I signed up for Jamorama last week with the monthly pay program. That worked fine. But suddenly there are two $1.00 charges for downloads on my billing sight appearing today, Monday June 9th. I haven't even used the sight yet and don't understand these weird charges? Please explain.

Hi Rad, thanks for getting in touch.
I am pretty sure that those $1.00 charges are from a different website or service. Jamorama does not charge that amount and I just checked your account status, you have only billed once ($10.00) for your first month subscription. What does your CC statement says about those $1.00 charges? Any company or website names?


I got a email that said I can get every thing for 80% off and Ive been try to do this all day and NOTHING I THINK it was all a scam ..It said $20:00 for a full year and I still have it on my ceil phone to prove you have sent it ...So what are we going to do about this which my lap top and screen is always being monitored the hole day was tring contact you. I still would still like to have the offer you made me

So Please contact me at Akeyawildone@yahoo.com  or call Mr Ken Wild at [203-982-4533  If the deal is no longer on the table then there will be no resune for any communication . I wish I can say It was nice contacting you

Hi Kenneth,

I just sent you an email from our helpdesk system, replying to the message you sent a few hours ago. That email includes a link to buy your 1 year membership for only $20 dollars.

Please let me know how you get on.



  I haven't seen anything from Mark McKenzie in some time. Is he still affiliated with Jamorama? His teaching style is why I signed up.

I am unable to log on using key I was given

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