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Add9 or Add7 Question

Hi Mark,I allways notice in lessons that teachers over look some things as if I should already know it.You may have explained already but I missed it.Looking at chord charts I can do what it shows me to do but I don't understand why an add9 or add7 is called that..Explain why it is ,The placement on the string or what. I don't understand it.Thanks and keep up the good work.Bob Fortner

I can't find a place to "contact Mark", so I'm doing it through here.  Hope I get an answer and an alert that there is an answer.  Thanks.

I asked my son, who is a certified sound engineer and is very familiar with guitar chord sounds and more, also a sound instructor at a local college......asked him to be honest with me and critique my strumming.  He wrote back that he felt my strumming was too deliberate.


I then told him that I knew I was guilty of putting too much accent on the first chord when I make a chord change and asked if that is what he meant.


He wrote the following back:  no I mean rigid to the beat a bit robotic--then you sing with proper rhythm feeling over it.  This sounds awkward...  Solution is to relax and let strumming have human, not robotic beat clock.


I don't know exactly how to interprit this response.  Can you help at all.....make it clearer for me?  I don't want to ask my son again.  Hope you understand.



Mesa Arizona      P.S.  I'm not upset or anything, just want to understand it.

 HI Bob,

The answer is purely in music theory. In a few words an add9 means that it adds the 9th note to that particular chord you are playing... Here is a good explanation from Wikipedia:

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