The Jamorama re-launch

We are live! The Jamorama re-launch is complete!

It’s been 12 months of hard slog, but we finally got there! We are very proud to announce that the new Jamorama site is now live and open for learning.

With the new site we’re placing a lot of importance on getting the small things right and making sure this is a vibrant, friendly place where people can really enjoy learning the guitar together.

We have big plans for the site and you can expect to see more great courses and useful resources being added to the site all the time. Until every guitar student the world over has learned how to rock their guitar with confidence, we ain’t done.

So, go ahead – check out the new courses, the new HD quality videos, the new mobile friendly layout, and most importantly give us your feedback – we want to know what you think so we can make this a better place for all our students!

The Jamorama re-launch is complete! But, there’s so much more to come – why not join us for the ride?

Thanks for the update about the new site, I was having trouble logging in but now understand I will wait for your email. I hope to see this new improved site soon



If you have purchased the Classic Jamorama in the past, guess what? You will get automatically added to the NEW Jamorama system + NEW HD video lessons! And of course, you will still have access to the Classic Jamorama from your members dashboard.

We are currently working on importing existing members into the new system; because there is thousands of subscribers, this process is taking us some time but we are doing our best! We are going to send you an email when your new user details are ready.

Thanks in advanced for your patience.


How will I know when I am added to the new updated Jamorama?
Hi Bernie, customers should receive an email with their new login details when their existing Jamorama account gets upgraded. Sometimes this email could go to SPAM or simply don´t reach your Inbox due to having a different Email address - Only applied for some customers.

I suggest you to send us an email to: so we can verify your account for you, or simply upgrade it in case it hasn't been.

Thanks for your patience.


I've just come back to learning, I'm now using all apple products, not my PC can I re download

 @Mark Blades. I sent you an email this morning Mike, email includes your new login details for the NEW Jamorama members dashboard. Let me know how you get on with that.


Hello Mr. Luis Tovar.

I don't have any problems, I just saw your name and wanted to say hi. I think you remember me because I was such a pain in your ass.

best regards


I joined quit a few years ago and have not logged in for 2 years.  I am kind of confused how to start my lesson over again.

@David William.

Could you please send us an email to: We will send your new login details.

Hear from you soon.


I get on the site ,but don't see many lessons.I only see a few .Where are the other lessons at

@James Mullins.

So when you are logged in as a member, go to the courses section. You will be able to see all the available video lessons and remember that we will be adding more lessons on a regular basis. If you continue with problems simply send me an email to: and I will reply to you from there.

All the best!


Hello, On May 2nd 2014 I purchased a 12 month membership to Jamorama and as of today June 16, 2014, a little more then a month since my initial purchase, the system is not allowing me to sign in and tells me it can't find my account. My order number is ZDNZEK2X and the transaction appeared as CLKBANK.COM on my credit card. Please reinstate my account ASAP. Please contact me at
Hi Arthur, I just replied to your email a few minutes ago. I sent you some instructions about what you should do. Your Jamorama account is active and should be working okay. Please reply to that email if you continue having problems. Cheers.


Simply love what you have done with the new site, Mark is up close and personal with each lesson. I have not gone back to the old Jamorama (had separation anxiety from it though) and have adjusted. I just keep being surprised with all the new lessons..keep up the great work, you are on my facebook (under Walter Mitty). Still waiting for the Jamorama T-shirts..............regards, Marty 


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