The Jamorama re-launch

We are live! The Jamorama re-launch is complete!

It’s been 12 months of hard slog, but we finally got there! We are very proud to announce that the new Jamorama site is now live and open for learning.

With the new site we’re placing a lot of importance on getting the small things right and making sure this is a vibrant, friendly place where people can really enjoy learning the guitar together.

We have big plans for the site and you can expect to see more great courses and useful resources being added to the site all the time. Until every guitar student the world over has learned how to rock their guitar with confidence, we ain’t done.

So, go ahead – check out the new courses, the new HD quality videos, the new mobile friendly layout, and most importantly give us your feedback – we want to know what you think so we can make this a better place for all our students!

The Jamorama re-launch is complete! But, there’s so much more to come – why not join us for the ride?

Hi Marty, great to hear that mate!
We will keep you posted about those t-shirts!

In case you are wanting to go back at the Classic Jamorama at some stage send us an email to: and we will provide you with the download links as they are not available anymore from the members area.



I am not able to log into the site anymore and access anything since you changed over the site.  Could you please send me a new password so I can log in again. My old email is not recognized.

 Hi Mike,

Thanks for your message.

Could you please send us an email to: - We will send your new login details.

Hear from you soon!

I have been going through the course and enjoying the lessons.  I am having difficulty finding where you download the bonus software,  specifically Guitearit and Jayde Musica.  I am sure it is on the site but I just can't seem to locate it.  Thanks.  JT


Hi Jitendra, I replied to your email this morning, in case you do not see it, you can find the bonus software and ear training games within the "courses" section. This is from the members area.


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