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Unable to login


I am a member since 2007, and now am unable to sign in as my email address is not recognised. I am happy to provide my registration number on a private message if needed. My user name was

Thank you


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What’s going on!?!? I’m a paid member & it will not let me login:(:( ...the page goes completely white & no options to even try to log in.. grrrrr
Just renewed my membership. Unable to locate where to sin in
Hi James, can you please email us at:


I have an old membership with a pass key code  ,  I have not changed my email address but your site 

does not reconize it

I just sent you an email J Bashand. Let me know if you have any further questions.


i am a new member as of jan04 /2015 and i cant log in nothing works can you please tell why and my name is J BASHAND ROWLAND AND NOT ROWLAD 

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your email.
I can see that your Jamorama account is active and your login details should be working correctly. Your username is: edgibbons. I cannot tell what your password is as the system encrypts it. Did you try creating a new password from the members area login page?

If you continue with problems please send me an email to:

Kind Regards,

Luis Tovar


just purchased jamorama and it won't let me log in!!??

 Craig, how are you doing?
Please send me an email to: - Please provide your email address, the one you used to login to the old Jamorama members area. I will be able to update your account + new membership.

Hear from you soon!



I have had Jamorama for a few years,  I have not been on the site for about 1 year.  When I went to log in it did not recognize any of my info.  What gives,  The membership was to be lifetime one.

@Joe Brock, I replied to your email Yesterday. Let me know how you get on.


Luis - I am having the same issues--unable to log in (Account set up in April 2008). So I have written to the support email address you recommended above. Thanks. - Joe


Please send an email to: - We will create a new membership for you.

I am a lifetime member and I would like to know how to access my account.

Please send me a contact email and I will provide my digits for you.

Thank you.

@Linda, please send an email to: - We will create a new membership for you.


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