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Unable to login


I am a member since 2007, and now am unable to sign in as my email address is not recognised. I am happy to provide my registration number on a private message if needed. My user name was

Thank you


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I am unable to login because of my username is not recognized. I have no access to anything,new or old!!
I am also unable to login as my email is not recognized although it is the same account that I received with my original information.


Wont let me log in either Been a member since way back 2007

Hey jamorama help please???? whuts up?

Hi there! Luis here from the Jamorama support team. Did you guys receive our Email update last week about the NEW Jamorama website?

We know you are super excited to try the new Jamorama HD video lessons, check out the new course materials and of course continue using the Classic Jamorama; as Jon Coursey said on his email, we will be giving you full access to the new Jamorama site. However, because there are so many of you, we'll be doing it in batches.

If you've purchased within the last two years, we'll be transferring your account first and then move back in year batches.

What is important to know is that we are going to send you an Email with your NEW LOGIN DETAILS once they are ready. If you haven´t received the email yet, you wont be able to login using the details you used to have, but please be patient. We are doing our best and working as fast as we can to make sure everyone has access.

PS: If you haven´t heard from us, please wait a little longer.

Been 5 days here still waiting, I can do nothing but wait!

Hi Victor, please have a look on your Email Inbox, you should have received an email from us! :)


I received an email but still nothing has come to me that I can login.  Please let me know when you have this rectified.  Thank you.

 @Duncan, your NEW Jamorama account seems to be active Duncan, in fact an Email should have been sent to you with your new user details. Please note that now your username is duncan8465. Email address is not used anymore as your username for logging in.

If you are not sure about your password, please use the "Forgot your password" link within the login page. If you continue with problems please send me an email to:

Thanks for your patience on this matter.

Same boat here: long time member and currently unable to log in. Definitely a buzzkill.

Hi all!
So, we have now added thousands of users and it is most likely that your account is ready to be used.
If you haven´t received the email with your login details (make sure to check your SPAM), please create a support ticket or simply send an email to:

We will then verify that your account is ready and we will provide you with your new user/login details.

Thank you all for your patience on this matter.


Thank you, working now! As Luis suggested, I emailed and the matter was solved really quickly!


Thanks, working today! While Luis recommended, My partner and i emailed support ( and the make a difference was resolved truly quickly!

Signature Loans

Old lifetime Member...awaiting new log in details

Just purchased a 12 month membership and everything is fine, I can login ok, but I can only watch the introduction of the beginners course, the rest won't work.
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