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Hi everyone!

So the NEW Jamorama website and members dashboard is up and running. If you bought the Classic Jamorama course in the past, you are now going to become a "Loyal member" which basically gives you FREE and unlimited access to the NEW members dashboard where you can download the course you bought in the past, but also check out and use the brand new HD video lessons! and receive all the goodies that we have prepared for the last 12 months!

It is most likely that your new Jamorama account is up and running, in fact we probably have sent you an Email with your new user details, however this email could be on your SPAM or perhaps you changed your email address and we never knew... Anyway, if you do not have that Email with your new user details please get in touch through our support email:

*PLEASE provide us with your purchase details such as receipt number, email address used when buying Classic Jamorama, full name or approximate date of purchase.

We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!

The Team.

Problems retrieving a new password.

We have received some reports that our "Lost your password" option is not working. It seems that the link you receive on your Email to reset your password is showing a "link has expired" error message.

We are currently working on a fix for this issue. If you are having this problem please create a ticket or send an email to: and we will create a new password from you.

Thanks in advanced for your patience on this matter.

DRNANDAKUMARPL help resume to open members log in,&pl resend Ticket

Thank you

I did not get the email for the classis course I was a member. help

Hello Mark and the team,

Would it be possible please to send me the original Jamorama course as I have had a virus that has taken the program.

Many thanks,


 Paul, very sorry for the late response. I am pretty sure we got back to you via email with the new login details, is that correct? If it isn't please email me to: and we will provide you with brand new login details for the New Jamorama members area.


"Lost your password" option is not working. It seems that the link I receive on my Email to reset my password is showing a "link has expired" error message.



I purchased the Classic Jamorama course years ago and am a "lifetime loyalty member" but suddenly I cannot login with my username and password. Your help in resolving this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Floyd Leak JR

Thanks for the help in getting me back on Jamorama.

Is anyone still on this site? i have tried for days to get back into the Jamorama courses to no avail.

I am also a Loyalty member. I have asked for help from support all they do is keep redirecting back to support even though i have asked them repeatedly to help me get in the dashboard for the members area.

Please help.

Mike Rankin

I purchased the jamorama course years ago and have a ajamorama user name and a jamorama key and am unable to log on to the courses i purchased what do you suggest

Can't log in with my email address. Have tried support but have not received a response.
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