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I bought jamorama with the understanding there was a 60  money back
guaranteed.Loged on 5 or 6 times in a 3 week period and this just isnt for me would like my money back.And if iam screwed just tell me that and i can stop trying.Heres my ticket # 29114 Thanks Barry 

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 HI Barry, your refund has been created. I sent you an email a couple of days ago.

All the best with your playing!

Can you please arrange a refund as this site has been a nightmare, the most difficult to master, not worth the aggravation. I await your reply.
Hi Regee, I just sent you a reply to your Email. Thanks!


Hello Mark, i completed your 2 beginner courses within 3 weeks! I loved your lessons thanks! I was surprised find out that there is no follow up after week 10..... I payed for the entire year because i read on your homepage that you offer "hundreds of videoslessons", however, I think the courses you offer don't even add up to one hundred... Although i loved your lessons (and you hey hey) i must say i am a little disappointed seeing as i payed for the whole year and there is not much more for me to learn now.... Could you change my membership to a one month member? So refund me 100 dollar? Thanks! Lieneke van de Griendt PS i tried to open up your lessons on muting but they wouldn't open....what can i do to open them? Order Number: FJNK69E5 Order Date: 01/02/2014 1:04 PM PST Customer Name: E W van de Griendt Today's Payment: One payment of EUR 113,05
hi Lieneke, I sent you an email not too long ago. Let me know what you think.



After trying the site for a few days I decided it is not for me. How can I get the refund?



I paid for the original(classic?) Jamorama course and after leaving the guitar for a while came back to the course to find it has been taken down. Where does this leave me as I have paid for a course that I can't use? Can you help?    Thanks,   David

Yr website says to cancel subscription, contact Clickbook.  But there I need my order number and it is NOWHERE to be found on yr materials you emailed me or on yr website...AND WORSE, Clickbook's main webpage has NO tab for refunds  AND WORSE when I called them, they do NOT answer the phone even tho it is during biz hours.

PLS TOTALLY CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION...locking customers into a subscription with a totally uncooperative 3rd part biller is unethical.


@Marko, if you decide that our course is not for you, simply email us to: and we will arrange a refund for you as well as your membership cancellation.

@David Crombie. Have you sent an email to our support team? I am pretty sure your new account is already set up and waiting for you to be used. Please contact us:

@David Putnam. I can see that you purchased your yearly membership back in April 2014. I can cancel your account, no problems about that, however why not wait until the system cancel it? So you can still have access to the video lessons? Your account is due to expire on the 29th of this month, you can still access to the site until then. After the 29th you wont have access anymore as your account will be canceled unless you renew your account.

NOTE: We wont renew or rebill you for a new membership.


i have had the same problem, sent numerous tickets no reply

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