Swan Song - 19 November 2015

In 2006, we set out to make the world's best video song lesson website for pianists and guitarists. We believed that the experience of learning to play a song online could be much easier and more fun with video than with the traditional guitar TAB method.

Along the way, we worked with numerous wonderful people including professional music teachers, web developers, designers and content producers to create a website that proved this to be true.

We're proud of the product we built, and grateful to the community of students that made it grow. At every turn, your feedback shaped SongPond's development. Thank you for helping bring this idea into reality.

SongPond's story ends here. With the massive growth in the number of free online song tutorials on sites such as YouTube.com, we've failed to create a sustainable song lesson product. We've considered every option and have made the decision to end the product that brought us together.

As of today, it is no longer possible to create a new account and we are closing down the lessons portion of the website. For the next 3 months, our first priority is to help you transition to other services and get back to learning your favorite songs.

Thank you for the time and attention you've contributed to this community. It has been a privilege to learn together.

Jon, David and the SongPond Team